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Free the Mind: Rewiring the Brain with Contemplative Neuroscience

In an article published last week, a team at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge recognized signs of post-traumatic stress disorder in writings dating as far back as 1300 BC. Though they of course did not use that term, recovered accounts … Continue reading

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New in Cerebrum: What Makes Me, Me?

The question of how individual differences in behavior and personality develop—especially in terms of the interaction between genes and the environment—has proved to be a formidable challenge in neuroscience. In “One of a Kind: The Neurobiology of Individuality,” the featured … Continue reading

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Developing Smarter Students

Have you ever thought you knew something, then tried to explain it to someone else and realized you didn’t? Researchers call this the illusion of explanatory depth: We humans think we understand the world better than we really do. This … Continue reading

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Autism: Human Social Behavior

A vexing burden for millions of children, adults, and families, an enigma and a challenge to researchers: this is autism as Catherine Lord, Ph.D., described it in Columbia University’s inaugural Brain Insight Lecture, sponsored by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and … Continue reading

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The Complicated World of ADHD Assessment

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) events in New York City are giving the public a chance to learn about and discuss any number of topics: autism, neuroscience and religion, head injuries in sports, enhancing memory, sleep disorders. One helpful workshop attended … Continue reading

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