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New in Cerebrum: Older Fathers Having Children

The baby boomer trend of marrying and having families later than the previous generation was one reason for the most comprehensive study to date on parental age and offspring mental health. The findings—published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry in late February—garnered considerable … Continue reading

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New in Cerebrum: What Makes Me, Me?

The question of how individual differences in behavior and personality develop—especially in terms of the interaction between genes and the environment—has proved to be a formidable challenge in neuroscience. In “One of a Kind: The Neurobiology of Individuality,” the featured … Continue reading

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New Cerebrum: Socioeconomic Status and the Brain

What do Warren Buffet, Barack Obama, and Ella Fitzgerald have in common? They are among the large number of people who have overcome disadvantaged backgrounds—even homelessness—to become accomplished, world-famous individuals. Yet, they also beat the odds, according to recent research … Continue reading

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From the Archives: A Neuroscientist Describes His Stroke

At the AAAS/Dana event on sleep last month [see webcast], I was reminded of the time I interviewed sleep expert and Dana Alliance member J. Allan Hobson. At the time, he was excited about his Dreamstage Brain and Sleep Science … Continue reading

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Sex Differences in the Brain

When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered the makers of Ambien to cut their recommended dose in half for women, they were acknowledging that millions of women had been overdosing on the well-known sleep aid for 20 years. Soon … Continue reading

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