Dana-funded research featured on Charlie Rose

Following nationwide newspaper coverage in July for their research on a severely brain-damaged patient, Dr. Nicholas Schiff and his colleagues participated in a fascinating interview on The Charlie Rose Show at the end of the month.

In the segment, Rose discusses with the three researchers the case of Terry Wallis, who in 2003 regained the ability to speak. He had not spoken for 19 years. In early July Dr. Schiff and his colleagues published a study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation about what was happening in Mr. Wallis’s brain.

Rose and his interviewees then moved beyond the Wallis case, tackling deeper questions about human consciousness.

The show is available for purchase on the show’s Web site, and a video of the interview is available for 99 cents from Google Video. It is very much worth watching.

— Dan Gordon

Also see a Brain in the News feature article by Dr. Schiff

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