Brain Awareness Week: Only Four More Days!

It’s the half-way point for Brain Awareness Week (BAW) and some great events are still taking place. The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives highlights several of these events each day on the left column of the BAW homepage. Maybe some are in your area? If so, check them out!

Three of our partner interviews have been posted, with four more to come. You can read about how to engage elementary school students in brainy activities; hear about people’s taste perceptions when fed red, blue, and even black pancakes; and learn about the political lobbying efforts in Belgium to raise more monetary support for neuroscience research.

So far 230 people have taken the ten question Test Your Neuroscience Know-How quiz. The average score seems to be 70, which is passing. You get a nice printable certificate at the end, which you can use to impress your friends (assuming you receive a decent score, of course).

Thanks to everyone who helped to promote the campaign through social media or other avenues. A special thanks to our friends at:

The Autism Society

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

National Parkinson Foundation

The World Science Festival

The Rockefeller University

Be sure to check out Dana’s Twitter feed, which has many updates about Brain Awareness Week (BAW hashtag #BAW11).

-Ann L. Whitman

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