Brain Poetry Contest: Second Winner

Yesterday, we announced the first of five winners in our Brain Poetry Contest. Today we reveal our second winner.

Non Compos Mentis

By Ann Freggens Flynt

My narcoleptic brain must be

full of synchronicity

Nightmares never fail to sneak

up on my time in bed till

sleeping comes

and casts its spell

until I make another sojourn and awake

Memories lurk just out of reach

I memorize but it retreats

Amygdala strains

and tries to climb

a black monolith

fresh out of time

Its pain

Its drain

upon my soul is withering

like the glares

of those who

cannot see that brains

are mostly mystery

and those who suffer

its many foes

must muddle through

and makes it so



not illuminating

not exacting

but stupefying

making me feel

stupid from

a wiring synapse or ruined

part that makes

Me who I am and not just part of me.

A resident of Jackson, Tennessee, Ann Freggens Flynt is currently pursuing a post-graduate special education certification with an emphasis on mild-to-moderate children at Union University. She is married, has two daughters, and was diagnosed, finally, with narcolepsy in 2003 after many years of wondering what was wrong.

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