Brain Poetry Contest: Third Winner

Earlier this week, we announced the first and second of the five winners in our Brain Poetry Contest. Today we reveal our third winner.

The Cave

By Julie Atwood

Devoid of awareness

I once was blind

Lost in darkness

Within the realms of my mind

A ray of light

Entered my tomb

Sudden warmth

Within my womb

Shadows flickered

Before my eyes

A dance of fools

Living by lies

Amidst the chaos

Of wailing cries

I loosened my tethers

Severed my ties

Faltered and stumbled

A drunken knave

Walked to the entrance

The mouth of the cave

A wave of knowledge

I did greet

It eddied and pooled

Surged at my feet

A reservoir of wisdom

I did save

Enlightenment of time

Spent in a cave

The sage of Plato

Speaks of my plight

From a dwelling of darkness

To embracing the light

Released from bondage

Freed from my chain

A well of creativity

 Now my new domain

Pastoral passages

These chambers of my brain

Eidetic images

Over which I reign

Julie Atwood has been a cartoonist and writer with a newspaper in Vermont for more than 24 years. 


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