Brain Game Wednesday

It’s the last Wednesday of the month, and that means it’s time for another brain game, created by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. I understand that some thought last month’s word scramble was a tad too easy, so how about something different?

Below is a puzzle that can test your mental agility: what third word follows each of the first two words to complete a compound word or a familiar two-word phrase?

Example: if the clue words are "BRAIN" and "THUNDER," the word that completes both compound words or phrases might be "STORM": Brainstorm and Thunderstorm.

Feel free to show off your smarts and post answers in the comments section below. And if you get stumped, we’ll post the answers in the comments section of this post at the end of the week.

Think / Army
Head / Jump      
Thought / Hot-air
Intelligence / Talent
Mind / Speed
Mental / San Francisco
Smart / Chocolate-chip
Memory / River
Rational / Phone
Brain / Micro

–Ann L. Whitman

2 responses

  1. Answers to the above game:
    1. Tank, 2. Start, 3. Balloon, 4. Agent, 5. Reader, 6. Giant, 7. Cookie, 8. Bank, 9. Number, 10. Wave
    Thanks for playing!

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