Brain Game Wednesday:Let’s Get Physical

It’s Brain Game Wednesday and this time we want to add some healthy lessons to the fun. Dana staff have been running a program called Staying Sharp for 17 years, which focuses on understanding how the brain works and maximizing brain function and health. The program includes a series of live public forums, printed resources, and a DVD program and is presented in collaboration with NRTA: AARP’s Educator Community and with support from MetLife Foundation.

During the public forums, brain experts address how the brain changes as we age, memory loss, brain diseases and disorders, and maintaining cognitive function. Included in these discussions are tips for maintaining a healthy brain, like today’s puzzle theme: exercise.

Do you know the many positive effects of exercise? Test your knowledge (and puzzle skills) below. It might just be the added incentive you need to hit the gym! (Click to enlarge.)Brain graphic

Answers will be posted in the comments section one week from today. Please feel free to share your answers below. And don’t forget to check out the other online puzzles and games created by the Dana Alliance!

-Ann L. Whitman

One response

  1. Answers:
    1. Obesity; 2. Neurogenesis; 3. Mood; 4. Bone Loss; 5. Diseases; 6. Energy; 7. Pressure; 8. Health
    “What happened to the mollusk that went to the gym?” “It PULLED A MUSSEL!”

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