Design a Brain Experiment Competition

Calling all great minds and future neuroscientists! The Dana Foundation is looking for creative brain experiments. That’s why we are asking high school science classrooms to design and submit their best and brightest ideas for a brain-related experiment. Students should not complete their experiments, so get creative!

Submissions must be related to the human brain, but can be anything from designing an experiment that might help find a cure for Alzheimer’s to testing the effects of video games on the developing brain. Submit your best experiment design by January 19, 2012 and you will have a chance to win $500 for your school. The winning experiment will be announced during Brain Awareness Week and posted on the Dana Foundation website.

Brain kids(Credit: Brain Awareness Week photo gallery)

The competition is for high school classrooms only, and submissions are limited to one per classroom and one per teacher/instructor. Please refer to the competition’s full guidelines. Good luck!

2 responses

  1. I’m glad to see a competition like this for promoting brain research and neuroscience in aspiring scientists and engineers. It’s really important to get young minds interested in neuroscience and thinking of important questions that need to be answered. The human brain is one of the most fascinating topics of research these days, and I commend the Dana Foundation for helping to further neuroscience research. Bravo.

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