Dana News Email Blast: October

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Brain Imaging Technologies and Their Applications in Neuroscience

by Carolyn Asbury, Ph.D.

Imaging is becoming an increasingly important tool in both research and clinical care. This comprehensive report describes types of imaging and what the images can tell us about the brain. It is online in sections and also available complete as 45-page PDF.

See also: Imaging Techniques at a Glance (PDF)

Viral Treatment May Offer Hope to Brain Tumor Patients

Researchers are testing drug delivery via virus or vaccine to stem this pernicious type of cancer.

Genes, Patients, and Psychiatric Disorders: Q&A with Huda Zoghbi, M.D.

Huda Zoghbi, awarded the 2011 Gruber Neuroscience Prize for her pioneering work on genetic influences on neuropsychiatric disorders, balances her lab work and clinical practice. "While I would love to be bringing a drug to the clinic today or tomorrow, I need to be able to look at my patients and say, 'I would put my child through this trial.' That is the litmus test for me."

Ignorance and the Undertreatment of Addiction: Lessons from Prison

In a new Dana Foundation Q&A, Dana grantee Charles P. O'Brien, University of Pennsylvania, discusses his research to combat alcoholism and drug addiction using naltrexone and his frustration at the reluctance of many doctors to treat addiction with medication. Working with parolees who have a history of addiction and relapse, Dr. O'Brien hopes that his research will convince judges, prosecutors, and parole officers that naltrexone will help addicts stay off drugs, help prisons empty out a bit, and save a lot of money.

The Importance of a Controlled Study

Regardless of how researchers go about treating diseased arteries in the brain, it is imperative the study is conducted properly, writes Guy McKhann, professor of neurology and neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University.

See also: Brain in the News — scientifically vetted stories from around the Web, updated weekly

Neuroscience on Capitol Hill

As part of a series of briefings, last week scientists described the effects of traumatic brain injury, and some possible treatments. [off-site link]

See also: July 26 Briefing: Advances in Neuroscience Raise Medical Hopes, Social Questions (PDF) [off-site link]

Steinman Shares 2011 Nobel Prize for Medicine

Three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for discoveries about the immune system that opened new avenues for the treatment and prevention of infectious illnesses and cancer. Bruce Beutler of the United States and Luxembourg-born Jules Hoffmann shared half the prize money, while the other half was awarded to the late Ralph Steinman, a Canadian who worked at Rockefeller University and passed away a few weeks ago. Dr. Steinman also acted as a consultant for the Dana Foundation, advising on our immunology and neuro-immunology granting. [off-site link]

See also: Dana Profile of Ralph Steinman, from 2007

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