Brain Awareness Week Campaign Event in Washington D.C.

It may still be four months away, but people are already getting excited about Brain Awareness Week (BAW) 2012. At the annual BAW campaign event last Saturday at the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) meeting in Washington D.C., BAW participants discussed past events, received awards, and learned about new resources.

It was great to put faces to the names of many of the people we’ve worked closely with in past years. It was also nice to see the posters from university and high school students describing their 2011 events and their plans for 2012. One poster described a public forum on the brain held in a mall; another discussed the successes and challenges of maintaining excitement about BAW from year to year.

In addition to these displays, SfN also gave out a number of awards. The first award was presented to the winner of SfN’s Brain Awareness Week video contest. You can check out the top three videos on SfN’s website.

Next up, the Society for Neuroscience presented one of the winners of the SfN/Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) Brain Awareness Week Travel Award. This award is granted to undergraduate students who organize the most innovative and successful BAW events. Lastly, SfN also recognized the International Brain Bee winner and the winning Science Olympiad team.

Photo 1
 A Brain Awareness Week participant presents her 2011
 BAW project.

One of biggest announcements on Saturday was the launch of SfN’s new This website will include all of the information from the Society’s Brain Facts primer booklet, a resource for students and educators who take part in the Brain Bee and BAW. In addition, Kathleen Roina, the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives’ Brain Awareness Week campaign director, discussed new free resources available to participants who register as BAW partners on the Dana website. These include brain erasers, squeeze-y brains (a.k.a. brain-shaped stress relievers), stickers, puzzles, and educational resources.

If you are a brain enthusiast who plans on getting involved in BAW next March, please check our website and sign up to be a BAW partner so that we can help you plan a fun and successful event.

Photo 2
  Student from Lake Forest College, one of the winners of the
  SfN/FUN Brain Awareness Week Travel Award.

-Simon Fischweicher

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