BAW Across the Continents 2012: Africa

Brain Awareness Week is finally here! Remember, BAW is a global campaign, and we are proud to report events are taking place in six continents. Over the course of this week, we will highlight one continent per day, starting with Africa and culminating with Europe on Saturday.  


The Brain Awareness Week campaign is steadily growing in Africa. Participation has doubled this year, with six African countries—Morocco, Senegal, Liberia, Nigeria and South Africa—celebrating BAW this year. Nigeria is the most active African country with 12 events across the nation. Activities have been scheduled by schools, universities, and organizations directed at educating and engaging Nigerian primary and secondary students. These events will include talks on brain health and power, drug addiction, psychometric/aptitude tests, quizzes and brain bees, and film screenings all geared at developing an awareness of the importance of brain health and research in Nigeria.

In Morocco, students will attend a fun, interactive exhibition at a Mega Mall in Rabat. The exhibition will address the six senses, the effects of stress and how to de-stress, and other brain-related activities. Also, a week-long public lecture and exhibit series will illustrate the importance of the brain, brain research, and the impacts of drug and drug addiction on the brain.

The BAW celebration in Senegal will consist of lectures about basic brain anatomy for high school students. Educational materials on the brain will also be distributed at two high schools in Dakar.

BAW in Liberia will promote brain awareness and peace. There will be a week-long program of speeches, lectures, singing, and displays promoting peace and progress to middle and high school students, through the celebration and utilization of the brain. After years of civil war this program hopes to encourage education and using the brain as a tool for peace and progress among the nation’s youth.

Finally, in South Africa, there will be an afternoon of fun sports activities to raise awareness about head injuries in youth sports (local press and radio programs will emphasize the seriousness of these injuries), and a special theatrical play promoting mental health awareness at a university in Cape Town.

Tomorrow, find out what BAW events are happening in Asia! And please visit the International Calendar if you’re interested in finding other events or starting your own in your town. 

–Simon Fischweicher

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