BAW Across the Continents 2012: South America

We've been celebrating Brain Awareness Week by highlighting events taking place across the globe: in AfricaAsia, Australia, and North America. Today, we take a look at South America.  

South America

In South America, organizations in six different countries—Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and Uruguay—have events planned for Brain Awareness Week. Of these six nations, Brazil, with over 40 events, is especially active.

Brazilian universities and science institutes have really taken the lead with respect to raising brain awareness. As in other countries, local scientists and graduate students will host lab tours and give lectures on topics like language, emotions, and meditation. There will also be a week of free, drop-in courses and activities for adult, continued education. The purpose of these courses and activities will be to develop and encourage lifelong learning. Some of the more creative and unusual brain awareness events taking place in Brazil include neuroscience-themed storytelling at an elementary school, a science-art club developing brain-themed comics, drawing and video games for kids, and a science art exhibition.  

Lima, Peru will conclude its BAW 2012 celebration with a mini marathon of exercises geared toward promoting brain health through. In Colombia, a recently initiated university medicine program will be hosting its first ever BAW event. The medical program students and faculty will be hosting a neuroscience based analysis of dance, literature, and music. In Uruguay, the nation’s Society for Neuroscience will host a week of brain events including: brain games, panels, demos, exhibits, lectures, and conferences.

Tomorrow, we conclude our BAW events overview by taking a look at what’s going on in Europe! And please visit the International Calendar if you’re interested in finding other events or starting your own in your town. 

–Simon Fischweicher

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