BAW Across the Continents 2012: Europe

We've been celebrating Brain Awareness Week by highlighting events taking place across the globe: in AfricaAsiaAustralia, North America, and South America. Today, we take a look at Europe. 


Brain Awareness Week has become a major campaign in Europe. There are 25 countries participating in Brain Awareness Week this year and more than 250 events. Among these 25 countries the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, Croatia, and Romania are the most active.

The magnitude and coordination of the BAW campaign in Croatia is impressive. There are over 50 events planned throughout the country. The majority of these events are lectures on a wide range of brain-related topics including aging, emotional marketing, stress, and music. There will even be a lecture open to the general public discussing how controlling your bladder can lead to better decision-making.

There are also a number of Brain Awareness Week events taking place in the United Kingdom. Universities, neuroscience organizations and nursing homes will have lectures, exhibits, film viewings and school visits. At one university, neuroscientists, musicians, and dancers are collaborating to put together an interactive demonstration explaining how the brain allows us to learn to dance, sing, and play music.

In Germany, high school students will have a chance to learn about and use a mental type writer. In Barcelona, Spain, neuroscience fairs, workshops, and exhibits will take place throughout the city. In Italy, neuroscientists will hold a public conference on the brain and sexual behavior. Middle and high school students in Romania will be competing in a drawing contest and exhibition with the theme of the “Teen’s Sharp Mind.” In Helsinki, Finland, the Finnish Open 2012 Brain Sports Games will be presented by the Finnish Brain Sports Federation. Finns will be participating fun and easy ways to enhance and maintain mental fitness. The competition will be fierce.

This concludes our look at BAW events all around the globe!

–Simon Fischweicher

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