Staying Sharp Program in Winston-Salem, NC

This past Saturday, April 14th, just over 400 people attended the free Staying Sharp forum in Liverpool, N.Y. The program was a huge success and the audience expressed great appreciation for the access to information about the aging brain. There will be another Staying Sharp event in Winston-Salem, N.C., next Saturday, April 28th.

Staying sharp panelLeft to right: Marilyn Pinsky, AARP (moderator), and panelists JoAnne Spoto-Decker, Onondaga County Department of Aging and Youth, Sharon Brangman, M.D., Tarakad Ramachandran, M.D., and Nabil Aziz, M.D.

In Liverpool, crowds piled in early for the brain fair at 9 a.m., where they collected helpful materials and talked to local senior service organizations, AARP volunteers, and representatives from the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, including myself. Following the Brain Fair, professional trainer Gioia Gensini led the packed Holiday Inn Convention Center in a fun Brain Warm-Up, an exercise program to the timeless song “Mama Mia.” After working up a sweat and getting their blood flowing, the audience members were ready to sit and listen to the panel of experts cover topics pertinent to the aging brain: memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and successful aging. Even after the panel discussion ended, the audience remained engaged as a long line of inquisitive attendees participated in a Q&A with the panel.

Following the event’s success, there will be another free Staying Sharp session next Saturday, April 28th, in Winston-Salem, N.C. If you are in the Winston-Salem area and interested in learning about brain health and the aging brain, please join us. The program will be taking place at the brand new Wake Forest Biotech Place from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. It will include a free Brain Fair and Gary Small, M.D., author of The Alzheimer’s Prevention Program, will be making a keynote address with a book signing to follow. The panel discussion, led by experts from Wake Forest University and its School of Medicine, will discuss the aging brain, memory, Alzheimer’s disease, and general brain health. This discussion will once again be followed by an audience Q&A, which offers an invaluable opportunity to get answers to your question about memory or the brain.

The Biotech Place is on the corner of 6th Street and Patterson Avenue, and free parking will be available. Reservations are highly recommended as space is limited and these forums fill up fast. To reserve your spot, register now by calling 1-800-65-BRAIN (1-800-652-7246). For more information go to or email We hope to see you there!

–Simon Fischweicher

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