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The Role of Stress in Brain Development

by Claudia Buss, Ph.D., Sonja Entringer, Ph.D., James M. Swanson, Ph.D., and Pathik D. Wadhwa, M.D., Ph.D.

During gestation, the fetal brain develops dramatically as structures and connections form, providing the foundation for all future development. Exposure to maternal stress can sometimes have deleterious effects on the fetus, depending on the cause, timing, duration, and intensity of stress. Fortunately, postnatal interventions, such as a secure parent-infant bond and an enriched environment, can buffer the potential negative consequences. From Cerebrum, our online magazine of ideas.

Smoking's Ties to Schizophrenia

Treatment for smoking cessation is not a priority in psychiatric care, forcing many schizophrenics — who often smoke to manage their symptoms or the side-effects of their medication — to quit cold turkey just when they are having trouble managing their illness.

Stroke — a Primer

A stroke — disrupted circulation that kills brain tissue — can devastate the brain, leaving neurological impairments including paralysis, partial or total language loss, and severe cognitive deficits. Prompt, effective treatment can mean the difference between an optimal recovery and permanent disability or death.

Electroconvulsive Therapy Seems to Stem Excess Connectivity

Scottish researchers find ECT quiets the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. This and other recent research might help doctors find an alternate treatment that also relieves depression but without producing memory troubles.

Hope for Head Injuries

Guy McKhann, professor of neurology and neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University, looks at the past, present, and future of treating brain injuries.

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Rett Syndrome Study Implicates Brain's Immune Cells

A bone marrow transplant prevents symptoms in young mice.

From Parkinson's Caregiver to Parkinson's Advocate

In honor of Parkinsons Awareness Month, Sarah King, Assistant State Director for the Parkinsons Action Network, shares her story of caregiving and advocacy.

From the Dana blog.

One Mind for Research Annual Conference

This meeting, in Los Angeles from May 23-25, will include a report on the progress of the ten-year One Mind campaign to cure brain disease, and a discussion on how to support the next generation of innovative neuroscience discoveries. Registration is now open.

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