Nature NeuroPod Podcast

Brain headphones imageAre you hungry for neuroscience but tired of reading? Then Nature NeuroPod
is for you. Produced by Nature, the NeuroPod
is a monthly podcast that examines the latest brain research. Each podcast is
about 20 minutes long and is broken into three or four stories. Different
guests are invited to speak about their research.

The August
is available for streaming or download. The episode focuses on the
sleeping brain, “calming neurons,” bio-psychiatry, and the cingulate cortex’s
role in organizing brain activity. Kerri Smith is the host. In the second
feature, her guest is Nathan Wilson of MIT, who says, “It’s sort of an
optimistic view that there may be a logic to the brain. Or it could be a random
jungle and we’re still figuring this out. But we’re leaning towards the logical
side.” Wilson is studying the role inhibition plays in the brain; in the
podcast, he mentions three theories.

The Dana Foundation collaborated with Nature on NeuroPod’s pilot series in 2007.

–Andrew Kahn

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