Learning and the Brain Conference in Boston

the son of a former high school English teacher, I am always keen to hear the latest
policies, theories, and research in education. One of the most fascinating
areas of research in education is its intersection with neuroscience. As our
understanding of the brain changes, our theories on teaching have changed
as well. However, this change is often delayed because information does not
flow easily from the neuroscience lab to the classroom.

Learning and the Brain has been building
that bridge through conferences, institutes, and seminars that bring together
educators and neuroscientists. The conferences always cover different themes;
the upcoming one, Nov. 16-18 in Boston, is titled, “Educating
Diverse Minds: Using Individual Brain Differences to Teach and Reach All
.” One of the biggest challenges for teachers is figuring out how
to reach all of their students. No
two brains are exactly alike, and no two students’ learning processes are
exactly alike either. Neuroscientists, including Dana Alliance member and Dana
Press author Jerome Kagan, Ph.D., will
discuss how factors like genes, personal experience, adversity, poverty,
parenting, and previous education can influence the ways students learn and
what these differences mean for educators.

Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives is a co-sponsor of the Learning and the
Brain conference. In November, we are sponsoring the Friday reception and will
have an information table at the conference with free materials, including our ever-popular squeezy brains. If you
are an educator, you should consider registering for this conference. If you do,
please stop by our table, say hello, and grab some free squeezy brains—before
they’re all gone!


One response

  1. Hello,
    I will be presenting at the Learning and the Brain Conference in Boston this month. I believe you are hosting a reception at the conference. I would like to attend, but I did not go through the regular registration process since I am presenting. Please let me know if I would be able to attend. Thank you.
    with kind regards,
    Jo-Anne Wilson-Keenan, Ed.D.

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