Arts of Neuroscientists: Nicolas Bazan

A six-year-old boy witnesses a loved one's a seizure, and years later goes on to discover unique neurochemical changes in the brain at the onset of experimental seizures and stroke. After turning his
Bazan current image
back on music—he had been walking to piano lessons with his aunt the day of her seizure—he rediscovers his passion for it in New Orleans and writes a novel that connects music and neuroscience.

Nicolas Bazan, M.D., a Dana Alliance member and the director of the Neuroscience Center of Excellence at LSU’s School of Medicine, is the latest to be featured in the "Arts of Neuroscientists" series. In addition to his scientific research, Bazan wrote a novel, Una Vida: a Fable of Music and the Mind. Bazan also created his own wine and sits on the board of the New Orleans Opera.

To learn more about Bazan's life both in and out of the lab, check out "The Arts of Neuroscientists: Nicolas Bazan" on the Dana website. And be sure to read previous articles in the series: one on Stanley Froehner, Ph.D., a Duchenne muscular dystrophy researcher and photographer, and Rudy Tanzi, Ph.D., Alzheimer's expert and musician.

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