Design a Brain Experiment Competition Deadline A Month Away

The January 17th deadline for the Dana Foundation’s “Design a Brain Experiment Competition” is only a month away. Last year we received some incredible experiments, topped off by the winning submission “Examining the Molecular Mechanism for the Behavioral Effects of Chronic Social Defeat on a Mouse Model” from Michaela Ennis at the Pingry School in New Jersey. We are eager to receive this year’s creative brain experiment ideas.

Two students participating in the Mindflex duel at UCLA, Project Brainstorm

Submissions must test a hypothesis about the brain. The potential experiment can investigate any part of neuroscience, from teasing out its tiniest connections to looking at whole systems (i.e., people). You might design a study that examines the impact of concussions on the brain, or possible treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.

Remember, students should not complete their experiments—it’s just the ideas we’re looking for—so get creative! Submit your best design by January 17 for a chance to win the first place prize of $500 or second place prize of $250. The winning experiments will be announced during Brain Awareness Week (March 11-17) and posted on the Dana Foundation website.

This competition is for U.S. high school students only and can be completed by individual students, groups or even entire classrooms. However all experiments must be submitted by a high school teacher, school official, or afterschool program coordinator. Each instructor is limited to five total submissions. For more information please refer to the competition’s full guidelines or e-mail Good luck!

– Simon Fischweicher

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