New York City Gets braiNY for Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week (March 11-17) is right around the corner and brains are buzzing with excitement here at Dana and around the world. Increasing public awareness about the brain and all it is capable of is a yearlong effort around here, but Brain Awareness Week is a chance for us to really put the brain in the spotlight. Nearly 700 Brain Awareness Week events have already been posted on our International Calendar from all over the planet.


One place that has gone particularly brainy for Brain Awareness Week this year is New York City. braiNY is the name of the first coordinated Brain Awareness Week program in the city. The Dana Foundation and Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives are based in New York, and we are joining with the Greater New York City chapter of the Society for Neuroscience and a team of universities, museums, and cultural groups across the city to encourage New Yorkers to come out and be braiNY, at least for a week.

From March 9 to 17, there will be exhibits and lab activities at the American Museum of Natural History, Staying Sharp presentations for seniors, brain fairs and expos for students, parents, and teachers, lectures and stories about the brain and mental health presented around the city. The BioBus, a mobile lab with experiments and activities, will be parked at Washington Square Park. I am going to be at as many of the braiNY events as possible, especially those that involve actual brain specimens, and if you love brains, or just want to learn more about your own,  I recommend you do the same.

For more information on the week’s events, check out the braiNY website’s calendar, event map, and participant list, and check out and “like” the Be BraiNY Facebook page. Finally, if you attend a braiNY event and are a social media guru, or just have a Twitter account, please let the Twitter world know about all the fun you have at our events with the hashtag #BeBraiNY. Clear your calendars and come out and be braiNY New York!

– Simon Fischweicher

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