BAW 2013 Photo Gallery

Brain Awareness Week 2013 rocked this year, with record-breaking participation around the globe. However, it ended over a month ago which means a whole eleven months until BAW 2014. Eleven months! Breathe deep, I know how you feel. Luckily, there is a way to relive the excitement: the 2013 Brain Awareness Week Photo Gallery.


The BAW photo gallery is populated with the photos from our partners around the world. We have pictures of kids holding brains in every continent but Antarctica; as well as brain hats, brain costumes, brain mascots, brain art shows, brain everything. Browsing the gallery gives you a sense of the variety and the global nature of the campaign. And as you start planning for BAW 2014 (you’ve started, right?), it’s also a great place to go for new event ideas and inspiration. I love to look through the photo gallery and see the same Dana Foundation Mindboggling Workbook publication being used in both a classroom in Michigan and one in Nigeria.

Photo2Presentation on the brain to pupils at an elementary school in Ogbomoso, Nigeria. BAW 2013

The photo gallery already has 90 photos, but there is room for many more. If you have some good BAW photos, please make sure we get them. You can send them in via the partner’s BAW Partner Report.

And remember, if the months of waiting until BAW 2014 ever get you down, you can always peruse through great BAW photos like the one below to get you back on track.

Photo3School of Medicine Osijek volunteer in a brain costume spreading Brain Awareness in Osijek, Croatia, BAW 2013

– Simon Fischweicher

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