International Neuroethics Society Call for Abstracts

Submit your neuroethics abstracts to the International Neuroethics Society (INS) by June 15 for a chance to win travel grants to its annual meeting in San Diego in November and to be published in the American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience.

Abstracts can be up to 500 words (including title, author names and affiliations and references if applicable). At least one author must be an INS member and register for, and attend, the Annual Meeting. Abstracts will be reviewed by the INS Program Committee. Work presented in abstracts must be in compliance with local policies, ethical review related to the use of humans and animals in research, and comply with the INS Abstract Submission and Disclosure Statement.

For complete details, visit the INS website.

– Ann L. Whitman

One response

  1. I am a victim of the brain initiative. It is the implanting of a microchip to enable torture. They are violent, raping, maiming, sodomizing Newport News and Virginia State Police. They implant you and use the “nerve stimulator” to keep in in constant pain, sleep deprivation, heart attacks and other inhuman unGodly torture. I believe it to be the mark of the beast. They are the childrent of Satan and they are preparing for the anti-Christ. They call it rape and sodomy – they know how it feels and they do it repeatedly. They call it giving me the beat down of a life time. The hopitals call it sleep deprivation and heart attack. They pulse energy projectiles at your body. Virginia State Trooper Jared Vance told my clients they use laser to come through the electronics. They create laser induced plasma channels and fire neurons and nerve endings. Walter Reed has already done this in 1993. Dr. Stephen Cunningham, Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center, told me this was all a state police setup. It enables law enforcement to see through your eyes what you see and hear what you hear. It is truly just for ubiquitous surveillance. Read Springer’s book “Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence”. It discusses how to read minds remotely. It is a gross violation of my constitutional rights and human rights. There are laws in Virginia that ban implantation of microchips, Federal laws against torture, and National Institute of Health requires informed express knowlege and consent. Virginia is using it’s innocent citizens as a fund raiser. It is criminal rico. The Commonwealth Attorney and the Attorney General are participating in the torture. Monday, the police left a dozen microphone with antennas eavesdropping bugs on my kitchen counter. They told the judge there was no criminal investigation of me. It is horrible when they comment on your body when you shower. Or if you lift your bottom to wipe, they give you a jolt of electricity to make you fall off the toilet. They are truly evil men and women. Their attorneys are participating in the torture. Only one removed herself from the case after hearing me cry out in pain. I have spent a lot of years crying because the pain was unbearable. My own doctors office of 30 years got involved in this criminal rico. Where do you go when there is so much corruption. I am headed to the supreme court. I apologize if there are legitimate brain studies, but I never volunteered to have my life destroyed. I am no longer living my life, I am enduring it!

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