Dana Newsletter: August

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Gut Feelings: Bacteria and the Brain

by Jane Foster, Ph.D.

Microbiota in our gut, sometimes referred to as the “second genome” or the “second brain,” may influence our mood in ways that scientists are just now beginning to understand. As research evolves from mice to people, further understanding of microbiota’s relationship to the human brain could have significant mental health implications. From Cerebrum, our online magazine of ideas.

Why Do All the Large Alzheimer’s Drug Trials Fail?

Are the drugs ineffective? Or is there something about large trials that obscures their effectiveness?

See also: “Persistent Failure of ‘Disease-Modifying Drugs to Benefit Alzheimer’s,” one of our series of Reports on Progress.

The Senses — A Primer

Our senses connect us to the world. Through complex systems that begin with cells that respond to physical stimuli and send signals through a maze of brain circuits, we can know — both consciously and otherwise — what goes on around us and within our bodies. And be sure to check out Part II as well.

Learning to Use a Brain-Machine Interface Looks Like Learning a Motor Skill

Patterns of activation increase, and as the skill is learned, decrease in much the same way if people are learning to manipulate their fingers or manipulate a cursor on a screen, according to recent research.

The Promise of Neurofeedback

Researchers are combining real-time brain imaging with operant conditioning.

Reprogramming Stem Cells Directly in the Brain

Lund University researchers develop alternate technique that simplifies stages between programming a cell and inserting it into the brain.

Memory Is Not Infallible

How close are we to altering, erasing, and augmenting memory in humans? Guy McKhann, professor of neurology and neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University, takes a look.

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