International Neuroethics Society Registration

The following is a guest post written by Terrell Brotherton, International Neuroethics Society Administrator.

Early-bird registration for the International Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting is rapidly drawing to a close. Registering before the early-bird deadline of September 15 is encouraged, as it detracts a significant portion from registration costs. The international Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting will be held in San Diego from November 7-8, 2013. As the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Annual Meeting is being held in San Diego from November 9-13, this makes it easy to attend by simply coming a day or two early for SfN! Topics for this year’s meeting span a diverse range of neuroethical issues, from neurogaming to how neuroscience informs our understanding of criminality.

The meeting will open with a public program on the evening of November 7, with a panel discussing neurogaming and ethics. C. Shawn Green (University of Wisconsin-Madison) will discuss the impact of neuroscience on the development of neurogames. Adam Gazzaley (University of California, San Francisco) will then explore the educational and therapeutic potential of
neurogames, followed by independent game developer Jonathan Blow discussing the values that drive neurogaming and ethical issues associated with neurogame development. Steve Hyman (INS President) will moderate the panel.

The panels on the following day, November 8, will be highly interactive. These panels will follow the format of short presentations followed by extensive Q&A and discussion time. The first panel will focus on the ethics and science behind moral enhancement and will feature Julian Savulescu (University of Oxford), Patricia Churchland (University of California, San Diego), and Molly Crockett (University of Zurich), moderated by Barbara Sahakian (Cambridge University). A later panel will address brain-machine interface in the context of end-of-life decisions and will consist of such renowned scientists as Lisa Claydon (University of the West of England), Joe Fins (Weill Cornell Medical College), John Pickard (University of Cambridge), and Niko Schiff (Weill Cornell Medical College), moderated by Jens Clausen (University of Tubingen).

The final panel of the day will explore the intersection of neuroscience and criminality. This panel will feature Mauricio Delgado (Rutgers University), David Jentsch (University of California, Los Angeles), Catherine Sebastian (Royal Holloway, University
of London), and the Honorable Robert Trentacosta (Presiding Judge, San Diego Superior Court), moderated by Holly Moore (Columbia University).

The panel sessions will focus on audience-panel interaction, with an extended time period allotted to Q&A and discussion. In addition, the panelists have helpfully provided suggested readings in order for attendees to familiarize themselves with the topics being discussed. The panelists’ biographies and the suggested readings are provided here. The International Neuroethics Society Annual Meeting promises to be an intellectually stimulating time, full of engaging and thought-provoking discussion. Don’t miss out on this fun and exciting meeting!

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