Dana Alliance Member Thomas Südhof Wins Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize winners were announced on Monday and Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives member Thomas Südhof, M.D. was among the recipients. Südhof, a professor of molecular and cellular physiology at Stanford School of Medicine, shared the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with James Rothman, Ph.D., and Randy Schekman, Ph.D., for their work on the molecular machinery of cells.

Krista Conger of Stanford spoke to Sudhof, who expressed his shock and gratitude:

“I’m absolutely surprised,” said Südhof, 57, who was in the remote town of Baeza in Spain to attend a conference and give a lecture. “Every scientist dreams of this. I didn’t realize there was chance I would be awarded the prize. I am stunned and really happy to share the prize with James Rothman and Randy Schekman.

To learn more about Südhof’s work and that of the other prize winners, listen to the excellent eight and a half minute audio interview with Südhof posted by The Guardian. He gives a clear description of his research, while sitting in a hotel room in Spain, jet-lagged. And he hopes nothing will change post-prize: He loves his work.

Thomas Südhof has been a member of the Dana Alliance since 2004. The Dana Alliance is a nonprofit organization of more than 335 leading neuroscientists committed to advancing public awareness about the progress and promise of brain research.

– Ann L. Whitman

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