BAW Across the Continents 2014: Africa

Brain Awareness Week is finally here! From today, March 10, to this Sunday, March 16, people around the world will be celebrating the brain. BAW is a global campaign; our international calendar includes events from every continent. This week, we will be highlighting one continent per day, beginning with Africa and finishing our journey in Europe on Saturday.


Brain Awareness Week continues to spread across the African continent; in 2014, the first ever Brain Awareness Week event will take place in in Lesotho. In addition to Lesotho, BAW events are taking place in seven other African nations including: Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa.

Brain Awareness Week Photo Gallery 2013, Nigeria

Brain Awareness Week Photo Gallery 2013, Nigeria

Nigeria continues to be the African leader in Brain Awareness Week, playing host to the majority of the continent’s events. BAW Events in Nigeria range from raising awareness in rural areas about the detrimental effects of abusing cough syrup, alcohol, and drugs to a university in the city Uyo targeting 1,000 people in local schools, universities, and in the community.

In Cameroon epilepsy is a major area of concern, and a local university will discuss the use of phytotherapy, which still plays a major role in the management of the disease there. Ethiopians with brain diseases and disorders—like their counterparts around the world—often face discrimination because of social stigmas connected with their condition. In Ethiopia many consider brain diseases to be a punishment from God. BAW Partners in Ethiopia will do their best to dispel this stigma.

This is only a quick glimpse at the great events planned across the African continent; for more, search within the countries mentioned on the BAW International Calendar. Check back tomorrow as we travel to Asia, and follow along on Twitter and Facebook for more photos and event announcements.

–Simon Fischweicher

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