BAW Across the Continents 2014: South America

We’ve heard about Brain Awareness Week in Africa, Asia and Australia; now it’s time to head to the Americas. Six countries—Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, Grenada, Uruguay, and Peru—are participating in BAW. The public forum is a common theme in South America ; many of the presentations on the brain will be held in public parks and centers.

Brazil is home to South America’s most active Brain Awareness Week and one of the most active campaigns in the world: It’s second only in events to the United States. With the World Cup coming soon to the country, university experts in Sao Paulo will host a series of events on how the brain of a soccer player works. Events include lectures and exhibitions at an urban park and sports center. Also, in Sao Paulo, for the second year in a row, a weeklong exhibit will be on display at Sao Bernardo do Campo Park.

Brain Awareness Week display Sao Paulo park, Brazil, BAW 2013

Brain Awareness Week display Sao Paulo park, Brazil, BAW 2013

In Argentina, Peru, and Uruguay, partners will also be bringing brain awareness in public spaces.  In Argentina, a lecture series will be held in the city of Baricoche Civic Center highlighting local research. Peruvian BAW Partners will travel to shanty towns outside of Lima to teach children and their parents about the value of art for developing cognitive and social skills with drawing and painting competitions. And in Uruguay, there will be outdoor brain games and displays in Montevideo as well as eight smaller cities; a team of graduate students will travel to host them.

BAW Partners teaching about the brain in Peru, BAW 2013

BAW Partners teaching about the brain in Peru, BAW 2013

Tomorrow we’ll head north across the Panama Canal and see how Brain Awareness Week is being celebrated in North America. If you can’t wait till tomorrow to find out, you can always take a look at the international calendar.

–Simon Fischweicher

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  1. It is very exciting to read my country´s name in this blog. I am from El Salvador (UCA) and this is the fifth year we are participating in this amazing international event. Thanks DANA for this great Iniciative.

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