Free Staying Sharp Program Saturday in Oakland


If you will be in the Bay area this weekend, please join us Saturday at the Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland for a free Staying Sharp forum. The program includes a panel discussion from 9 am to 11 am with Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives member Patrick A. Griffith, M.D., FAAN, from Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta and three other experts: Jackie Bolds, MD, from Alameda Health System; Monika B. Eckfield, RN, PhD from the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences at California State University, East Bay; and Marcus Penn, MD, CYT, a health and wellness consultant. They will share the latest information on the aging brain, memory, Alzheimer’s disease, brain health and more. For the last thirty minutes the experts will take questions from people in the audience.

Just before the panel discussion we’ll have a brief “brain warm-up,” a light exercise routine reinforcing the importance of exercise for brain health. Increasing physical activity is one of the four factors to Staying Sharp. Normally, a trainer leads the exercise and the scientists speak on the panel. However, for this session Dr. Penn, an expert in medicine and fitness, will do both.

I am excited to see how Dr. Penn will tie the two parts of the program together. Dr. Penn is well versed in yoga and physical fitness as well as the benefits of physical exercise for healthy aging. When we spoke, he discussed yoga in particular, how “the breathing aspect in yoga has been shown to reduce stress levels in people, focus the mind and increase the overall sense of well-being,” while the movement aspect “lower[s] blood pressure” among many other physiological benefits. People “who embrace the spiritual aspects of yoga often times also experience a greater alignment of body, mind and spiritual connection,” he says. I am excited to hear what the other panelists have to say.


Staying Sharp Oakland will take place at the Allen Temple Baptist Church at 8501 International Blvd. It’s free, but reservations are highly recommended as space is limited and these forums fill up fast. To reserve your spot register now by call James Arrington at 510-544-8908 or register online at For more information visit the Staying Sharp webpage or email We hope to see you on Saturday!

–Simon Fischweicher

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