Performing Medicine Festival in NYC

This Saturday in New York City, the New York Academy of Medicine is holding its daylong Performing Medicine Festival. The wide assortment of events include a creative blend of music, dance, and storytelling, with lessons about diseases and disorders.


From the NYAM website:

Performers include Dr. Richard Kogan with a musical performance and lecture on creative genius and psychiatric illness; Brian Lobel on his comedic adventures as a cancer patient; Parkinson’s coach and dancer Pamela Quinn on reading bodies; David Leventhal with DANCE FOR PD® from Mark Morris Dance Group/Brooklyn Parkinson Group; and Mount Sinai’s Academy for Medicine and the Humanities on the art of listening. Dr. Danielle Ofri leads a panel discussion, and musicians from Weill Cornell’s Music and Medicine Initiative, provide musical interludes.

When: Saturday, April 5, 2014 • 11 am to 6 pm • Full schedule
Where: NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE, 1216 Fifth Ave. at 103rd ST., NY, 10029.
Register here.

As noted on our Facebook page, Brain Awareness Week may be over, but brain awareness initiatives continue year-round. You can find upcoming events, including ours, on, so be sure to check it periodically.

–Ann L. Whitman

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