Kids Section on Dana Website

Have you ever wondered how sunscreen works? How about why we yawn? Everyday Mysteries, a website run by the Library of Congress, can answer some of life’s interesting and puzzling questions on topics ranging from meteorology to plants to home economics. It is one of many sites listed in the Kids section of The Everyday Mysteries link appears in the Lab subsection, under “Questions and Answers,” where you’ll also find a site called Did You Ever Wonder? DYEW has articles on topics such as aging, disease, and technology.

Other sites in the “Lab: Question and Answers” section include Ask a Scientist, which has answers to more than 20,000 questions, and a different site by the same name run by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

To find more science information for kids, including fun games, visit us at and click on the “for Kids” tab in the upper right corner. The section is updated on a quarterly basis.

–Blayne Jeffries

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