Staying Sharp Mandarin Inspires More Events

Public engagement continues to be a crucial part of the Dana Foundation’s mission. Dana’s public outreach arm, the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives (DABI) shares information about the brain through programs like Brain Awareness Week, Lending Library, and Staying Sharp. The Staying Sharp program is a series of public talks that give people information on how the brain works and how they can maximize brain function and health. Over the past few years we shared this information with many communities, from African-American churches in Oakland, California, and Mt. Vernon, New York, to seniors living in Lexington, Kentucky. One of our most recent live forums was geared to the Chinese community in New York.

Staying Sharp Flushing panelist Xiaoyan Hu

Staying Sharp Flushing panelist Xiaoyan Hu

On May 10, Dana hosted a Staying Sharp in the Mandarin language at the Flushing Town Hall in Queens, NY. It was our first Staying Sharp presented in Mandarin, and with the help of our partner for this program, Vital-Life, we were able to attract more than 300 people from the Flushing community, one of the largest ethnic Chinese neighborhoods in the United States. We also had the Staying Sharp booklets translated into Mandarin; we distributed paper copies in Flushing; PDFs of the three booklets are now available online (see links to PDFs below).

Able Yuanzia Zhang discussing and demonstrating the importance of physical activity

Able Yuanzia Zhang discussing and demonstrating the importance of physical activity

Instead of the usual panel discussion, this program was broken up into separate talks given by four experts, each representing one of the four factors of Staying Sharp—increasing mental activity, increasing physical activity, increasing social engagement, and eating well and controlling vascular risk factors. The experts were Xiaoyan Hu, PhD, from the neuroscience department at Weill Cornell Medical College; Able Yuanzia Zhang, PhD, the director of Able Psychology, P.C., Huajuan (Serene) Nie, LMSW, a social work with the Alzheimer’s Association, and Yinhsu Liu, ND, RD, from the Naturopathic Wellness Center.

Staying Sharp flyer for the May 10 program

Staying Sharp flyer for the May 10 program

The program was such a success that we are working with local partners and senior centers in other Mandarin-speaking communities in New York to present a series of mini-Staying Sharp sessions. Sessions will start later this month and run for the rest of the year. Stay tuned for dates and locations.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand our bilingual outreach.

Here’s video from the Mandarin Staying Sharp session:

And here is more from the program:

–        Storify post with highlights and photos.

–        Staying Sharp: Late-Life Brain Disorders (Mandarin PDF)

–        Staying Sharp: Learning as We Age (Mandarin PDF)

–        Staying Sharp: Memory and Aging (Mandarin PDF)

[The Dana Foundation also offers publications in French, Italian, German, and Spanish, and even a few in Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, and Turkish.]


–Simon Fischweicher

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  1. I am a librarian in the middle of the Mississippi Delta. In October of 2010 we received some info from you in the form of a DVD. I misplaced it in a file and just today found it!!! Do you have anyone close enough to us to do a program?

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