Dana YouTube Channel


Did you know the Dana Foundation has a YouTube channel? You can find all of our videos in one place, including entire Staying Sharp and AAAS events. Recent videos often find their way to the Dana homepage, as was the case with a AAAS event on spinal cord injuries.

Events with multiple videos are grouped within a playlist, such as the Oakland Staying Sharp session, making it easy to navigate shorter clips on a variety of brain-related topics. One example is Jackie Bolds speaking on stroke risk factors, followed by Patrick Griffith on the four D’s of memory problems. Both clips are around two minutes.

Subscribe to the Dana Foundation YouTube channel for constant updates, or visit https://www.youtube.com/user/danafoundation and browse at your leisure.

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  1. Dana Foundation YouTube videos A+ work. Please inform me about “brainstorming” major neuroscience movie projects that we can discuss on “Fresh Air with Terry Gross” National Public Radio..

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