Brainy Kids: Animals and Dissections Resource

This might sound gross, but I remember being excited to dissect a worm in school. Learning about animals and their behavior is intriguing, but seeing and learning about their inner workings can be just as fascinating. Check out the following websites, which are listed under the Lab: Dissections section of the Dana Foundation site to learn more about the makeup of animals:Dana-Kids

It’s taken a long time for humans to evolve from apes. This site takes you through the skeletal evolution of mankind by showing pictures of gorillas, baboons, and other mammals, to show the comparison among their structure. You can see how we’ve evolved from four legged mammals to upright humans over time.

Sheep Brain Dissections
A sheep brain is very similar to the human brain in terms of the function and memory. In a few pictures, this site takes you through the dissection of a sheep brain, and discusses the portion where memories are held.

Science Project
Still not sure if animal skeletons and dissections are for you? Check out this site to help you pick a science project. Science Fair Project Resource Guide will help you pick a topic, and take you all the way from the idea concept to completing the project.

To find more science information for kids, visit us at The Kids section is updated on a quarterly basis. Check out the rest of the section for more games and information.

–Blayne Jeffries

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