Brain Awareness Week 20th Anniversary

Brain Awareness Week 2015—March 16-22—is less than six months away and this year it’s a big one: BAW is celebrating its 20th anniversary! The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives organized the first Brain Awareness Week in 1996, beginning with 160 organizations in the United States. The goal was to connect groups from different sectors—academic, government, business, and advocacy—and unite them through their shared interest in the brain. The unifying theme was that brain research is the hope for treatments, preventions, and possibly cures for brain diseases and disorders and to ensure a better quality of life at all ages. Almost 20 years later, that theme has united 862 organizations across 59 countries and 44 U.S. states. We are looking for an even bigger celebration for Brain Awareness Week’s 20th birthday.

A potential future neuroscientist at event at University of Miami neuroscience graduate students, BAW 2014

A potential future neuroscientist at the University of Miami, BAW 2014

March might seem far in the future, but BAW partners tell us again and again in their Partner Reports how important it is to plan early. Looking through these reports can also help you find other advice and ideas for your event planning.

In addition to the Partner Reports, the BAW site has lots of other resources to get your Brain Awareness Week gears in motion. Start by checking out the photos from our partners around the world in the BAW Photo Gallery. Next, head over to the event ideas and planning page for advice and ideas for events of all types and sizes. Once you have an idea, our outreach tools page has great resources to help you spread the word. Finally, check out the BAW logos and graphic materials to add some color to your outreach.

Panel at the Czech BAW press conference. Czech Republic. BAW 2014

Panel at the Czech BAW press conference. Czech Republic. BAW 2014

If you are not a BAW Partner go to the BAW website ( and sign up today. It’s free! As a partner you can post your event information on the BAW International Calendar and gain access to all of our materials and resources. And be sure to “like” the Brain Awareness Week Facebook page for announcements, helpful ideas, and interesting articles!

–Simon Fischweicher

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