Dana’s Design a Brain Experiment Competition Is Back!

The January 16th deadline for the Dana Foundation’s annual Design a Brain Experiment Competition is only one month away. Get busy! We are excited to read all the creative ideas for brain experiments. Last year we received some incredible submissions, led by the winning proposal, “Investigating the implications of specific inhibition of ß-amyloid in Alzheimer’s disease” from Gopika Hari of Cupertino High School in Cupertino, California.


Since students don’t actually complete these experiments this is an opportunity to get creative. Submissions must test an idea about the brain but beyond that criterion, they can test almost anything. The potential experiment can investigate any part of neuroscience from the effect of music on the developing brain to technology’s impact on dementia patients.

We know many students are looking forward to winter break, but remember to leave time for this competition. Submissions are due by January 16, 2015, for a chance to win the school or sponsoring nonprofit institution the first place prize of $500 or second place prize of $250. Entries can be completed by an individual student or a group of students. The winning experiments will be announced during Brain Awareness Week (March 16-22) and posted on the Dana Foundation website.

Check out the competition guidelines for more details and contact us at competition@dana.org with any questions. Good luck!

–Simon Fischweicher

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