Series Finale: Dementia Decoded


The fifth and final episode of the new podcast series, “Dementia Decoded,” was broadcast today.  Every Thursday for the past five weeks, The New York Academy of Sciences has been broadcasting episodes of the program in an effort to educate the public on the history of Alzheimer’s disease, the current state of knowledge on neurodegenerative dementia, and the optimism of scientists around the world who are leading the way for a potential cure. The series is sponsored by the Dana Foundation and invites the nation’s leading dementia specialists (some of whom are Dana Alliance members) to weigh in with their expertise.

If you’ve missed any of the previous episodes, you can click on the links below:

Episode 1 (April 23): “A Special Illness” compares Alzheimer’s with other forms of dementia and discusses why the number of those afflicted by the debilitating disease continues to increase as the world’s population grows. A study shows that Americans fear the onset of Alzheimer’s disease more than any other illness.

Episode 2 (April 30): “Plaques and Tangles” examines the basic physiology of Alzheimer’s and what we understand about the disease. Even though we’ve known about it for more than a century, scientists admit that there is still a great deal that we can’t yet fully comprehend about how the disease operates.

Episode 3 (May 7): “Decisions, Negotiations, and Choices” addresses the social stigma that surrounds dementia and the issue of getting a proper diagnosis. This episode looks at the current state of treatments available to people with dementia and the future of additional, healthier options.

Episode 4 (May 14): One of public health’s most crucial questions is how to best care for those living with dementia, as well as the millions of unpaid caregivers who are looking after them. “Fighting Forgetting” looks at how people all over the world address this concern and compares the tools and methodologies being used in their communities.

This week’s episode, “Moving Forward,” attempts to diminish the hopelessness some may feel about finding a cure for neurodegenerative dementia by discussing the “new wave of international momentum focused on understanding and treating diseases like Alzheimer’s.” Most experts in the field feel optimistic that a vital breakthrough is on the horizon.

To see the full list of podcasts recently broadcast by The New York Academy of Sciences or to listen to any of the “Dementia Decoded” episodes, click here.

-Seimi Rurup

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