Dana News E-Blast: July

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The Power of Tau

july eblastby Patrick F. Sullivan, MD, FRANZCP

In July 2014, an international consortium of schizophrenia researchers mounted the largest biological experiment in the history of psychiatry. Now, with many more avenues for exploring the biological underpinnings of schizophrenia available to neuroscientists, hope may be on the way for the estimated 1 in 100 people worldwide affected by the illness. From Cerebrum, our online magazine of ideas. Also check out a Q&A with Dr. Sullivan.

july eblast 2On Heading the Ball: An Interview with Michael L. Lipton, MD, PhD, FACR

With support from the Dana Foundation and the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Lipton has conducted neuroimaging studies on soccer players, who frequently jolt their brains by “heading” the ball. His work indicates there may be a heading threshold above which the risk for brain damage increases significantly. One of our series of Q&As with scientists.

‘Flakka’ and the Brain

Lately in the news, the new-to-black-market drug is stronger than the average stimulant, but its mechanisms don’t appear to be new.

Special Form of Tau Protein May Be Prime Target for Treating Head Injury

“Cis P-tau” also eyed as possible trigger of Alzheimer’s disease.

Air Pollution Also Not Good For Your Brain

Recent research provides strong evidence that pollutants cause harms, and suggests underlying pathways and mechanisms.

The Science Behind Fear and Anxiety

july eblast 3In a packed theater at the Rubin Museum this month, Joseph LeDoux, PhD, and Mark Epstein, MD, shared the stage to untangle the mysteries behind two emotions that we are all too familiar with: anxiety and fear. From the Dana blog.

Dementia Decoded

july eblast 4In a five-part podcast series, The New York Academy of Sciences’ Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Initiative hears from leaders in the field on topics such as: history of Alzheimer’s disease and discoveries; exploration of disease mechanisms; clinical trials, prevention, and risk reduction; practical information about diagnosis and care; and funding, international activity, and the way forward.The Dana Foundation sponsored this series.

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