Design a Brain Experiment 2016

High schoolers, start your engines! For the fifth year in a row, the Dana Foundation is sponsoring its “Design a Brain Experiment” competition for teenagers across the country. This is an exciting opportunity for high school students to challenge themselves and come up with their very own brain-related experiment.FB-Icon-FINAL-PNG

Last year’s winners proposed experiments that investigate a new form of treatment for premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and a potential cure for multiple sclerosis (MS). First place is awarded $500 and the runner up is awarded $250; both prizes are presented to the winner’s school or sponsoring non-profit institution.

It’s important to know that students are not required to complete the experiment—they only need to design it. The proposed experiments are judged on innovation, originality, and scientific accuracy. Among our team of advisors evaluating the submissions is Eric Chudler, M.S., Ph.D., who has served as our lead judge since the competition’s initial launch in 2012.

All entries are due no later than Friday, January 15, 2016. The winners will be announced during Brain Awareness Week, which will take place March 14-20 of next year.

For a detailed explanation of the competition’s guidelines, click here or e-mail

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  1. I am an adult and became a neuroscientist after a 1992 auto accident led to the disorder hydrocephalus, but perhaps my work might inspire students interested in the brain. I write on brain topics covering mHealth medical mobile apps, drumming and music for the brain, sensory processing disorder, and cognitive accessibility. I’ve also created an art, fun, and outreach site for hydrocephalus at – where the first art I created was from one of my own MRI brain scans. Did you know The Beatles record co EMI Records funded the dev of the first CT (brain) scanner in 1971. Perhaps my efforts might be of interest to you all.

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