High School Competition Reminder

FB-Icon-FINAL-PNGAutumn is here, which means the countdown for the Dana Foundation’s “Design a Brian Experiment” competition has officially begun. Have you started thinking about ideas to submit for the competition? Don’t worry if not—there’s still time!

If you are in high school and have an interest in science, this is a great opportunity to think creatively and come up with your very own proposed experiment. While the experiment should be well thought-out and thoroughly researched, it does not have to be completed.

Past winning submissions have addressed topics such as protein manipulation in Alzheimer’s disease, a potential cure for multiple sclerosis, and the behavioral effects of chronic social defeat. Keep in mind that entries can be completed by an individual student or a group of students (we’ve even received submissions from entire classrooms). However, instructors are limited to five submissions in total.

High school students interested in entering should submit their entries no later than January 15, 2016 for a chance to win their school or sponsoring nonprofit institution the first place prize of $500 or second place prize of $250.

For further details about the rules of submission, check out our competition guidelines or e-mail competition@dana.org. The winners will be announced during Brain Awareness Week, which takes place March 14-20, 2016. Good luck!

– Seimi Rurup

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