Dana News E-Blast: October

Here are some stories recently posted on www.dana.org:

The Binge and the Brain


by Alice V. Ely, Ph.D., and Anne Cusack, Psy.D.

Who hasn’t dipped into that pint of Häagen-Dazs and finished the entire container? Out-of-control impulse consumption is at the heart of binge-eating disorder (BED), a newly recognized mental condition that we are just beginning to better understand–from both a neurobiological and clinical standpoint. From Cerebrum, our online magazine of ideas.

A Very Big Map: Connectomics and Its Limits

Brain mapping research is one of the hottest fields in neuroscience, with support from several high profile initiatives in the US and abroad. Leaders in the field weigh in on new research advances and what we ultimately hope to learn from these intricate maps. One of our series of briefing papers.

Study Points to Key Step in Initiation of Tau Protein Diseases

Blocking tau acetylation–potentially with an off-the-shelf-drug–could be a new strategy against Alzheimer’s and other “tauopathies.”

Support for ResearchGuy McKhann photo

Patient support for research has been around for a long time. How exactly does it work? From our print publication, Brain in the News.

 Heroin Addiction Linked to Long-Term Brain Changes

“The most surprising result of this study is that abnormal functional organization in heroin addicts persists even after years of abstinence,” says a researcher.

Zehr, Gazzaley Awarded SfN Science Educator Prizes

SfN Science Educators 2015

Congratulations to E. Paul Zehr, left, and Adam Gazzaley! The Society for Neuroscience has awarded each its Science Educator Award for 2015. The Dana Foundation sponsors these awards. We spoke to each for our blog: see a Q&A with Dr. Zehr and Q&A with Dr. Gazzaley. There’s reporting from SfN and from the annual meeting of the International Neuroethics Society on the Dana Foundation blog, as well.

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