Neuroscience Presented with Creative Flair

Creativity (2).jpgWith Brain Awareness Week just over one week away, there are all kinds of contests taking place to help spread the word about the importance of brain research. Some combine creative flair with neuroscience to produce impressive results!

Last September, we announced the winners of the 2015 Brain Awareness Video Contest, sponsored by the Society for Neuroscience (SfN). The contest asks participants to “explain a neuroscience concept so that a broad audience can understand the wonders of the brain and mind.” Aside from the first place winner receiving $1,000 and a paid trip to SfN’s annual neuroscience conference, all those who placed are listed on the SfN website and YouTube channel. Matthew Sugrim was awarded first place for his video, “Do We See The Same Red?”

The 2016 Brain Awareness Video Contest opens on March 14, the first day of Brain Awareness Week. If you are interested in submitting, be sure to check out the SfN website for details.

In addition to the video contest, Eric Chudler, Ph.D., of the University of Washington recently posted the winners of the 2016 Neuroscience for Kids Poetry Contest. The competition covers all age groups, from kindergarten to college and beyond, and each category has a different poetic form applicants must adhere to.  Sophia A. from the third to fifth grade group focused on the topic of sleep with her poem:

Rapid Eye Movement and Slow-Wave Sleep,

The eyes are closed, but the brain will leap.

Unimportant memories like a broom are swept,

While good, essential thoughts are tucked away and kept.

The muscles in your body take a much needed break,

As the dreams begin forming, the brain cells awake.

All through the night, your health increases,

Your mood relaxes, your stress releases.

Eight hours of sleep is needed at night,

For happiness to find you, and the brain to ignite!

Brain Awareness Week will take place March 14-20 this year, and there are countless ways to get involved. Visit our website for tips, resources, and more information on this global campaign. Stay tuned to hear announcements regarding the “Design a Brain Experiment” competition winners and events happening near you!

– Seimi Rurup

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