Dana News E-Blast: May

Here are some stories recently posted on www.dana.org:

cere_spot_0416_contImaging the Neural Symphony

Two-photon microscopy allows scientists to peer farther into the brain than ever before. Karel Svoboda, Ph.D., describes the advances that led to this remarkable breakthrough—one that is helping scientists better understand neural networks. From Cerebrum, our online magazine of ideas.

Team Science

By sharing information and combining data on psychiatric disorders, “we’re starting to nail down some real findings—reliable genetic associations that are meaningful, consistent, and measurable,” says one researcher.

How Zika Virus Affects the Developing Brain

After crossing the placenta, the virus appears to kill the radial glia, the ‘founder’ stem cells that generate all cell types in the cortex.

Investigating Connectivity

Researchers share progress on the effects of altering synaptic connections in the brain at a symposium at the New York Academy of Sciences.

cere_bookcvr_0416_Alger_feat (1) Book Review: Stoned

David Casarett’s Stoned  gives patients and caregivers a balanced, insightful view of medical marijuana in an entertaining, straight-talking way, says Bradley E. Alger in his review for Cerebrum.

Depression: Treatment Beyond Medication

Studies asking musicians to improvise while having their brains scanned suggest that extended practice in being creative leads to less activity in some control-related brain regions and stronger network connections.

BrainWorks on Exercise and the Brain

BrainWorks-videoIt’s National Physical Education & Sports Week! Learn how exercise benefits the brain in this new video from the University of Washington. Geared towards kids, but great tips for everyone.


 Cerebrum2015-100wNow in Paperback

“Once again, the Cerebrum anthology provides a very interesting and provocative collection of articles illustrating the diversity of modern neuroscience research and its broad implications for the human condition,” says Alan Leshner, CEO emeritus of AAAS. Get your copy today!


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