New Glossary of Brain Science Terms

Which part of the brain is involved in consciousness and emotion…and what exactly is the limbic system anyway? Our latest publication—A Glossary of Key Brain Science Terms—provides definitions of words that are scattered throughout neuroscience articles and will help answer questions about common scientific terminology. Not only is it a free resource, the glossary contains newly updated sources that reflect the continuing evolution of neuroscience research.

brain glossary

Part of our mission at the Dana Foundation is to help make the latest news in scientific research accessible to the general public. Our website features a diverse range of scientifically-backed publications (both online and in print) that cater to different demographics, such as medical patients, teachers, senior citizens, and kids. With the latest edition of our glossary, understanding what’s happening in the world of brain science and research just got a little bit easier.

– Seimi Rurup

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