Eye Health for Kids

Vision is not only crucial for children’s physical, cognitive, and social development, it can continue to affect health and happiness all through adulthood. A recent report about children’s vision and eye health revealed that more than one in five preschool-age children have a vision disorder, which can range from mild refractive errors (i.e. myopia—nearsightedness, hyperopia—farsightedness, astigmatism) to vision loss. While there is a lot being done to ensure a nationally-recognized system to promote eye health, it’s important to build awareness around the genetic and environmental factors that play a role in visual disorders.

Just in time for August’s “Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month,” the National Eye Institute (NEI) has launched a new website designed specifically for kids. With challenging optical illusions, animations, and NEI’s award-winning “Ask a Scientist” video series, kids will explore vision science and eye health in a fun, engaging way. The site has been tested and approved by upper elementary and middle school children, who now all understand a little more about how their eyes work.

nei for kids

You can find NEI’s new website among a list of other great resources for grade school children on the Dana Foundation Kids page. The page is updated regularly to ensure that the sites listed are full of fun challenges that encourage learning about science.

– Seimi Rurup


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