Dana Newsletter: October

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cere_0716_articleimage_contThe Evolving View of Astrocytes

by Philip G. Haydon, Ph.D.

Scientists have found that one type of glial cell that is prevalent in the cortex—the astrocyte—may play a role in sleep, learning, and memory.  From Cerebrum, our online magazine of ideas.

Could Shared Medical Conditions Offer Insights into Treating Neurodevelopmental Disorders?

People with neuro-troubles often also have the same additional physical ailments. Seeking genetic clusters for both might open new paths to treatments.

The Revival of Brain PET

The development of new ‘radiotracers’ that bind to different proteins has opened a window into synaptic pruning, neurogenesis in the living human brain..

cere_bookimage_1016_featCerebrum Book Review

Santiago Ramón y Cajal, recognized as the father of modern anatomy and neurobiology, was largely responsible for the modern conception of the brain. We asked an accomplished young investigator to take a fresh look at his recently rediscovered classic, Advice for a Young Investigator, first published in 1897.

‘Warm’ Cells

A recent report on the central perception of temperature gets the author thinking about his own thermoregulation. By Guy McKhann, professor of neurology and neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University.

In Memoriam: Barbara Rich

With regret the Dana Foundation announces that Barbara Rich, executive vice president of communications, died on Saturday, October 2, 2016. She had worked at the Foundation since 1995.

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