Brain Awareness Week 2017 Building an Audience

Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is only a few months away, so it’s time to start planning your outreach activities! If your organization or school plans to participate in the campaign, be sure to register as a BAW partner with the Dana Alliance to take advantage of free resources and services.

In particular, you’ll want to check out the Outreach & Promotion section of the BAW website for tips and tools to reach your target audience. Whether you’re planning an event for the general public, high school students, or seniors, the Dana Alliance offers strategies to build your audience via online outreach, advertising, media calendar listings, and forming partnerships.


The official Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives BAW 2017 logo

The Dana Alliance also provides free graphic materials, logos and social media cover images on the BAW websiteGraphic materials include editable flyers and posters to publicize your events (partners can insert their own information), website banners, a BAW participation certificate, and bookmarks.  BAW partners can utilize the BAW logos on their own advertisements and promotional materials and use the social media cover images to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media.


BAW 2017 Participation Certificate

BAW partners can now submit their events to be posted on the BAW Calendar of Events (a free way to promote your events!). The BAW order form, a way to request free stickers, brain erasers, and publications within the United States, will launch in early January.

Stay tuned for more BAW blogs before and during Brain Awareness Week (March 13-19, 2017)!

– Amanda Bastone

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