DIY Brain Awareness Week Arts and Crafts

As you look toward Brain Awareness Week next month (March 13-19), think about joining lab tours and lectures, but also consider art contests and brain hats. Why not infuse your Brain Awareness Week celebration with a little Do-It-Yourself arts and crafts?


A video of how to knit a brain hat popped up in my Facebook feed a few weeks ago, and were I a knitter, I’d surely be sporting one come March 13. This project will take some commitment, but will undoubtedly impress fellow neuroscience-enthusiasts. By Studio Knit, the five-minute video explains what you’ll need and gives step-by-step directions. What color would you choose for your brain hat?

If you’d prefer something a little less work-intensive, why not build a neuron? Brain Awareness Week superstar Eric Chudler of the University of Washington lists five different ways to build a neuron, using materials such as playdough, beads, and pipe cleaners. These are easy to make and great for a group activity with young students. If you scroll past the neurons on the webpage, he gives a number of other creative projects for students in grades K-12.

And though it might not exactly fall into the category of “crafts,” who doesn’t like a cupcake…with a brain decoration?! There are numerous recipes out there, but many fall into the Halloween-themed zombie category. Here are two non-spooky brain cupcakes ideas for our sweet-toothed readers:

Let us know your brain crafts ideas! And if you have pictures, please use the hashtag #brainweek so we can find them on social media.

To learn more about Brain Awareness Week, visit our website and check out the Calendar of Events for activities in your area.

– Ann L. Whitman

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