It’s Brain Awareness Week 2017! Check out the Calendar of Events!

It is Brain Awareness Week (BAW) 2017 (March 13-19), and there are over 675 events on the BAW Calendar of Events! Across five continents, people of all ages are celebrating BAW through lectures and symposiums, exhibits, workshops, lab tours, school visits, and much more!

baw cal events 2

A demonstration of how neurons work during Brain Awareness Week 2016, organized by the Electrophysiology Lab and Neurophysiology Lab, Multidisciplinary Institute of Cell Biology in Argentina.

In the US, 43 states to date are participating in the 2017 campaign. In Maine, Brain Injury Voices will present a workshop for brain injury survivors and their families, including a panel discussion with survivors who have found meaning in their lives after serious brain injury. Here in New York, students at the Friends Academy school are collaborating on a week-long project to spread a positive mindset by brainstorming and sharing ideas of how to persevere through struggles to earn “positivity” stickers. The Oklahoma State University Center for Health and Sciences hosted an exhibit for children that used popular stories about characters who live upstairs and ones who live downstairs to explain the different functions of the neocortex (“upstairs”), and the limbic system (“downstairs”).

baw cal events

Children participate in a brain fair organized by Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania during last year’s BAW.

Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign, so there are many events outside of the United States as well.  In Brazil, Lapen presented a panel discussion to high school and university students based on the movie, “Ex Machina,” about current research in artificial intelligence, information technology, signal processing, neuroscience, and neuropsychology. In Europe, NUI Galway’s Neuroscience Centre in Ireland will host an exhibit where the public can learn about the brain and nervous system through puzzles (tests of hand-eye coordination, left/right handedness, etc.) and by examining real brain specimens and plastic models of the nervous system.  In Romania, the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory will present lab tours, school programs and workshops on the adolescent brain for teenagers, parents, and teachers, focusing on addiction, emotion regulation and decision making.  In Asia, Senescence Life Sciences in Singapore will present an informative, interactive talk for the general public on how to take an active role in healthy aging, the difference between natural aging and Alzheimer’s disease, and current trends in research.

baw cal events 3

A full audience during BAW 2016 at a presentation organized by Associazione Centro Scienza Onlus in Italy.

There are many more events from around the world on the BAW Calendar, so be sure to check them out!  And, if you are a partner, don’t forget to share your events and to keep us posted on your efforts by using #brainweek on social media.

– Amanda Bastone

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