Discovering the Art of the Brain

New imaging techniques let scientists and doctors see what is going on inside our brains in better detail than ever before. These images help develop a better understanding of the brain and its disorders, but what if we looked at them as art?

In honor of Brain Awareness Week (March 13-19), Mount Sinai’s Friedman Brain Institute opened their 2017 “Art of the Brain” exhibition to celebrate the beauty of the brain. Researchers took on the role of artist and displayed brain-inspired pieces at the Grady Alexis Gallery in New York City.


Brain tumors by Anthony B. Costa, Ph.D.; Holly Oemke; Leslie Schlachter; Jillian Beroza; and Joshua B. Bederon, M.D.

The exhibition is made up of images, drawings, and sculptures which use a variety of mediums, from 3D printers, to electron microscopy, to traditional pen and ink. Topics range from the area of the brain stimulated by nicotine, to a 3D simulation of the progression of an aneurysm operation.


A look inside the zebrafish brain by Elena Sanchez-Rodriquez, Ph.D.


In the New York area and want to check out the art yourself? There’s still time. The exhibit will be on display from March 13th to 30th. For other ways to celebrate Brain Awareness Week (BAW), check out the Dana Foundation BAW calendar.


Medical illustrations by Jill K. Gregory, CMI, FAMI, and Christopher M. Smith, MA

– Ali Chunovic

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